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It’s never fun when your child has a cold, and a baby blocked nose is even harder to deal with than before.  A few years ago, the FDA ordered pharmacy to yank all the children’s cold medicine off of the shelves, creating a baby blocked nose crisis for some parents.  This has made it very difficult for parents to help their little ones find relief from cold symptoms.  The best thing to do is turn to some natural methods of relief from a baby blocked nose.

If it’s just a cold, then there are several things you can do to help your little one feel better.  You might try running the hot water in the shower with the door to the bathroom closed.  This will create steam, which will really help clear baby’s nose up.  Of course you can’t stay in the bathroom all day long with the water running, so you may want to think about getting a humidifier or vaporizer to help with those nasty cold symptoms.  Vaporizers especially work wonders at night while your little one is sleeping.  Just lying down can make the baby blocked nose problem even worse, and vaporizers can clear it right up and help your little one sleep easier.

For small children, the quickest way to clear some of that mucous out of the nose is with a bulb syringe.  It may seem like torture, but you really need to have one of these handy for nose emergencies.  You may have to hold baby down while you clean out his nose, but it will be worth it just so he can breathe clearly.  Just squeeze all the air out of the bulb syringe, insert it into baby’s nose, and then release it.  You should hear all the mucous being sucked right out of your little one’s nose.  Just remember to squeeze it back out into a sink or tissue to avoid spreading germs.

For very severe cold symptoms, some doctors will prescribe a decongestant for small children, but these should always be taken with extra care.  If the baby is less than a year old, then the doctor probably won’t prescribe any medication, no matter how severe the problem is.

In some cases, respiratory infections may also cause breathing problems in small children.  In cases like these, the doctor may prescribe breathing treatments, either at home or in his office.  Breathing treatments are fairly simple, but you will have to purchase a machine if your doctor prescribes treatments at home.  The medication that’s delivered through the breathing treatments usually reduces inflammation and makes it much easier for baby to breathe.

Having a baby suffering from a blocked nose can really put a strain on parents, especially first time parents.  But hang in there!  You’ll come to realize that you can always find a way to help baby feel much better, even if it just involves holding her and rocking her to sleep at night.


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