Caring for a Newborn

have had several soon-to-be-mothers contact me looking for advice, or telling me how they have enjoyed reading my blog, because it has helped to prepare them to become a mother. And that makes me feel good! If my experiences can help in some small way – then I am proud!

So what are my best pearls of wisdom for parents and soon-to-be-parents?
Just because someone has had several babies does not mean they are an expert.
Every baby is different.
All the reading and research in the world will not prepare you or make you a better mother.
It is about trial and error. You will do your best and you will learn as you go.
Have faith in yourself – They don’t call it a mother’s instinct for nothing.

That’s it.

Ok – if you’re one of those people (like me!) who likes to read everything just to feel informed, you can read my blog post What I Wish I Knew Before Pregnancy and Giving Birth


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