Do you get frustrated by all the socks you need to match in the laundry? I have found the answer! I went to the dollar store and bought a lingerie bag for each of my daughters. I fed a plastic bracelet thru the bag (I think I may change this […]

We got a babysitter tonight and went out for dinner! Well – we went out for dinner with all of my husband’s works colleagues. So this belly may be accentuated by all the food I just ate. Baby is kicking up a storm now and I enjoy watching my belly bounce. Hubby has […]

My kids love to play with playdoh. There are a bunch of recipes out there to make your own playdoh or buy it at the dollar store. But I discovered this really cool recipe which makes something more geared towards those younger kidlets who make a big mess with playdoh. […]

If you are a parent, you are guilty of keep junk; things to remember the first few years of our children’s lives. I’ve decided to not keep these packed away in a box collecting dust, but to display them as art. For each of my kids I have created a […]

For Father’s Day this year I made a picture for Daddy with a great poem I found on Pinterest. The picture is probably too small to see, but I managed to score two cool shirts from Zulily. One says “Daddy is under my spell” and the other, “I found my Prince, […]

I placed my order from Kidecals on May 19th and received it on May 28th (it took 5 business days for International shipping). I chose the Rainbow Name Tags 1) because I love bright colours 2) because it will make the labels more noticeable. Shipping cost $6.55 to deliver to Canada. There […]