Chiropractic For Newborns and Infants

I was adjusted at birth. My father made sure that after the traumatic experience of being pushed through the birth canal, that my spine and nervous system were operating at peak efficiency.

I was lucky: my longest labour was 12 hours. That was with my first baby. The longest I had to push was a little over an hour with my third baby. This was because my third’s shoulders got a little stuck. I can only imagine what complications may have arisen, had I not ensured that my spine and pelvis were aligned and functioning properly. My second and my fourth came out with very little effort and minimal pushing.

Once my babies were born, we went to visit my father and he adjusted them. Well – the first two anyways. They were pleasant and sociable babies. Then with my third, we had our hands full. I had intended on getting her adjusted as I had her older sisters. But life happens, and I completely forgot about it. She was a colicky baby that would cry all the time, didn’t want to sleep at night, and had copious amounts of gas. It wasn’t until after she was three months and things still weren’t improving, that my father asked if we had taken her to the chiropractor. I had completely forgotten! I immediately took her, and after a couple of adjustments, she was a completely different baby!

I will never forget her first adjustment. As I was holding her on my stomach as I lay on my back, our chiropractor used the tips of his fingers and moved up and down her spine, massaging and checking to make sure that her bones, tissues and ligaments were all in their proper positions. At one point, she let out a fart that was so loud that it startled both myself and Dr. Singh. After her adjustment, she soiled several diapers quickly as her digestive system began to work efficiently.

With my fourth, I made sure to have him adjusted as soon as possible. He is a very happy baby who loves to smile and coo, and has just started laughing.

I would recommend that every baby get adjusted after birth, as well as Mommy. It is important for Mommy to get adjusted within the first 7 days, because after that your ligaments will start to tighten quickly. If you are unsure of who to consult, ask others that you trust for a recommendation. Go for a visit, and ask them to show you how they will adjust your baby. My father used to demonstrate the amount of pressure he would use on the patient’s thigh. Ask if they have kids. Do they adjust their kids?

Chiropractic worked for me and my kids. Perhaps you should consider it as well.


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