It’s Snot the End of the World!

Kids pick their noses. Gross, right?

The instinctual action of a parent is to immediately tell the child to: “Get that finger out of your nose! Don’t you know how gross that is? Awww…..! Don’t put that in your mouth!”

Of course they don’t get it – they just smile at me.

But with my third (who is two), I just say one word: “Ewwww!” or “Yucky!” And she gets the picture. She repeats the word with a smile.

Why is she picking her nose? Because there is something in there, and she wants to ‘clear the way’ so to speak.

My opinion? If you want to pick your nose – fine. Just do it in private where I don’t have to see it.

Part of being a parent is teaching our children social graces. Picking your nose (and eating it!) is one of those social niceties that children need to be taught. They need to learn that picking their nose in public is not socially acceptable.

But seriously. Don’t make a huge deal about it. Otherwise they will do it again, just for the satisfaction of your attention and/or reaction. Teach them that it is something that others do not care to see, ’cause you know they’re not going to stop doing it!


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