I placed my order from Kidecals on May 19th and received it on May 28th (it took 5 business days for International shipping). I chose the Rainbow Name Tags 1) because I love bright colours 2) because it will make the labels more noticeable. Shipping cost $6.55 to deliver to Canada.

There are two sets of name labels to choose from:

  1. The Mega Set ($28) which includes 24 approx. 2 x .5 inch labels and 54 1 x 25 inch labels = 78 labels
  2. The Mini Set ($21) which includes 120 approx 1 x .25 inch labels = 120 labels

I chose the mini set for two reasons. 1) because I get more labels for less money 2) I figure the bigger labels may not fit the purposes I have in mind.

It was very easy to customize my labels. It gives you the option of two text lines, but instead I chose just to put our last name on the labels. I felt funny putting a name and a phone number on articles that others could link to my child and get their hands on. As well, I was able move my name left to right and up and down.

In comparison to another leading manufaturer of labels on the market, it was $0.07 cheaper per label – and the quality is just as good.

Kidecals claims their labels are durable, waterproof laminate and I agree. The adhesive holds well and doesn’t come off until your child is smart enough (or loves stickers like mine) to pick at the label until they peel it off. After washing clothes and items several time, the labels don’t look any worse for wear, and come off with very little residue. I think being able to later remove the label is very important if you plan on selling your kids’ clothing, etc used. No one wants to by something with a child’s name in permanent marker on it!

So hurry – for a limited time Kidecals is offering 15% off Kidecals with this promo code: awesomelabels at

FYI: If you have a Mac – they have the coolest decals to put on your keyboard. Too bad for me 🙁

Do you have any creative uses for labels?

A few examples of where I put some of the labels… after a few washings/days of wearing:


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