I bought a regular tank top at XXI for $3. The one I chose does not have a shelf bra, but I’m sure one with one built in will work just as well. Whatever your preference. Disconnect (or cut) the strap from the back of the tank on both sides.Then […]

It’s summer time! And that means that I am less motivated to be making meals that are ‘heavier’ and require heat. This one I loved as a child and is super easy! You can tweak it however you like, and depending on what you have on hand. The ingredients I used […]

Coconut Macaroons 1 14 oz. package shredded coconut, unsweetened (about 5 cups)1 egg white1 14 oz. can condensed milk1 teaspoon vanilla Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper. (Figured this out the hard way – mine stuck to the tray!) Beat egg white in bowl about 30 seconds […]

My hubby and I have discovered that we both enjoy wine and wine touring. While we were still dating we went to the Okanagon Valley in BC and toured some of the wineries there. One of our favourites was Silver Sage. This wine in particular is very special, because I have […]

Weaning Breastfed Baby For millions of mothers, one of the joys is breastfeeding but when it comes time to start weaning a breastfed baby, some mothers find this a difficult task.  For starters, the mother needs to be dedicated to the weaning process, which can be emotional but unless she […]

The question of, “Why does my baby hiccup so often?” is quite common for both pregnant women and of course, new moms.  Most are concerned that the hiccups are causing pain to their baby but most often, they are more bothersome to the mother than to the baby. Pregnancy Many […]

It’s never fun when your child has a cold, and a baby blocked nose is even harder to deal with than before.  A few years ago, the FDA ordered pharmacy to yank all the children’s cold medicine off of the shelves, creating a baby blocked nose crisis for some parents.  […]

If anyone watches Big Bang Theory, you may have caught one of the episodes when Sheldon asks Penny to make spaghetti with wieners. Well, I decided to make that for dinner tonight. I got the idea off of Pinterest. You skewer the hot dog pieces first, and then boil them.Add sauce […]

I placed my order from Kidecals on May 19th and received it on May 28th (it took 5 business days for International shipping). I chose the Rainbow Name Tags 1) because I love bright colours 2) because it will make the labels more noticeable. Shipping cost $6.55 to deliver to Canada. There […]

My sis-in-law has some great advice and opinions about involving Dad. Read and Enjoy! GUEST BLOG POST WRITTEN BY: JUST A COUPLE OF WIJNKERS To start… this topic is way too enormous to cover in one blog post! In fact… I don’t know that it could ever be exhausted… but a […]