To My Daughter – Always Try Your Best

Lately, when you come home from school, we sit at the kitchen table and work on your ‘homework’. It amazes me that you are so excited to come home and work in your workbook. But I love it, and I want to encourage your love of learning. It probably helps that you get one on one attention from me as you work! Well, in conjunction with your sister (who is also sitting at the table and working in her workbook) anyways.

You amaze me by working on page after page, with unbridled enthusiasm.

Today, you were just as eager to ‘do your homework’. But today you rushed through your worksheet and promptly asked for a sticker (which I give you for each completed worksheet). The sticker is a token; a reward for your hard work and for your best.

But this wasn’t your best work. And I told you so:

“Don’t just rush through your work for the sticker. The sticker is for when you try your best. I want you to be proud of your work.”

No matter what you are doing, or working on, I want you to try your best. Many people choose to be lazy. You’re not lazy. Not taking care, and not doing your best, is not good enough.

I want you to learn to work for what you want in life. I want you to take pride in what you accomplish. You need to recognize that people who are successful, are the people who aren’t afraid of working hard. They are willing to put in the effort to attain their goals.

Yes, it’s just a worksheet. But it’s so much more than that. It is the opportunity for me to teach you these skills, which you will need to succeed as an adult in this world. I want you to give 100% in school, in the job market, and in the work force.

So, you went back through the worksheet and fixed the hastily written letters and words. When you showed me your work again, I could see the pride in your face as you waited for my approval. You smiled when I praised your work this time.

I praised you for trying your best.

I knew you could do it.

Always try your best and give 100%. Don’t just do the bare minimum.


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