Do you get frustrated by all the socks you need to match in the laundry? I have found the answer! I went to the dollar store and bought a lingerie bag for each of my daughters. I fed a plastic bracelet thru the bag (I think I may change this […]

We got a babysitter tonight and went out for dinner! Well – we went out for dinner with all of my husband’s works colleagues. So this belly may be accentuated by all the food I just ate. Baby is kicking up a storm now and I enjoy watching my belly bounce. Hubby has […]

It’s summer time! And that means that I am less motivated to be making meals that are ‘heavier’ and require heat. This one I loved as a child and is super easy! You can tweak it however you like, and depending on what you have on hand. The ingredients I used […]

I decided to make good old fashioned chocolate chip muffins for lunch today. I got this from my mom and I love this recipe! I usually do a double recipe and it fills two muffin trays. Instead of chocolate chips, you can experiement. I also like it with cheddar cheese. […]

If anyone watches Big Bang Theory, you may have caught one of the episodes when Sheldon asks Penny to make spaghetti with wieners. Well, I decided to make that for dinner tonight. I got the idea off of Pinterest. You skewer the hot dog pieces first, and then boil them.Add sauce […]

We hardly ever ate pancakes in our house. I liked crepes (spotted pancakes as we called them!) much better. Only on weekends do I make more than toast or cereal. This weekend we had crepes. I like them better than regular pancakes because they are sweet enough that you don’t […]

It’s time to start harvesting your rhubarb! I love rhubarb during the summer. I stew it and add sugar, but I also have some great rhubarb reciepes. If you have any more recipes to share, please let me know! Rhubarb Muffins Combine:2 1/2 cups of flour1 tbsp baking powder1 tsp […]

For Father’s Day this year I made a picture for Daddy with a great poem I found on Pinterest. The picture is probably too small to see, but I managed to score two cool shirts from Zulily. One says “Daddy is under my spell” and the other, “I found my Prince, […]

I am a firm believer that children need to start eating in public at a young age. They need to be taught the social conventions and expectations early, so that it will become an ingrained habit when they are older. Tonight we went our for dinner as a family to […]

My kids love to play with playdoh. There are a bunch of recipes out there to make your own playdoh or buy it at the dollar store. But I discovered this really cool recipe which makes something more geared towards those younger kidlets who make a big mess with playdoh. […]